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Engineering Works

1. Mechanical Works
     One of our companies is taking over mechanical works for engineering services. Specially in the field of installing heavy equipments of oil & gas industry. We have a wide range of contacts with various companies specialized in mechanical works. We have an experienced staff specialized in mechanical works. Moreover, this staff has been already operating productive factories, power stations, water processing stations, R.O. water plants, crude oil refineries & fabrication of piping skids of portable refineries.

2. Electrical Works
     We enjoy a long experience in power production, generation, distribution and building of steel structure towers (400 KV and 132 KV) which are used for transporting electrical energy beside all the related materials like cables, isolators, links, (H.V) (M.V) transformers and electrical power transmission lines including erecting power-generating equipments of different types & sizes. We have professional staff in the specialize equipments of oil & gas industry.

3. Electronic Works
     Our company is currently intending to move forward to work on designing and executing all electronic security and controlling systems; provided with movement and intrusion IR detecting devices. We are also capable of designing and executing communication works, wired or wireless systems.

Commercial works
     Our company is ready to co-operate with you for the construction of any projects and supplying all the equipments, raw materials, machineries, construction materials, generators, power station plants, military supplements, security police equipments, oil refineries equipments and all the requirements of local market.

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