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  Europe Elite Group - Scope of Work - OIL Refineries
OIL Refineries
Assembly & erection of Drums &
Vessels for fuel purification unit
Assembly & erection of four towers for distillation and dehydration
Heat Exchanger, Installation and erection
Air cooler: installation and erection
Pumps installation and erection
Pipe assembly and installation
Control and instrumentation system
Installation of high and low Voltage panels
Electrical installation and cable lying
Insulation of pipes and fittings
Welding works more than 60000 dia inches
Water Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
Talil Base Camp Project
Europe Elite Group - Scope of Work - OIL Refineries

     After more than a quarter century of continuous work in the construction sector, today, we are among the best Iraqi companies classified officially as Grade (1) which represent the higher classification category in Iraq.

     Admittedly, EUROPE ELITE GROUP had successfully and timely completed the erection of three 70,000 BPSD oil refinery projects on 2009 & 2010 under the umbrella of well known international company.

     The above said three continuous prime projects enabled our company to build and enroll the most available local skill and experienced technicians such as but not limited to: Welders, Pipe Fitters, and Painters etc…in addition to wide range of construction machines owned by our group.

     Though our competitive price, professional service and timely delivery, we win a good reputation home and abroad.

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