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  Europe Elite Group - - Scope of Work - Talil Base Camp Project
OIL Refineries
Water Treatment Plant
Sewage Treatment Plant
Talil Base Camp Project
Construct buildings
and complexes
Erection of power
generating stations
Scope of Work - Designs &
projects studies
Constructing paved streets &
concrete yards
Construct fuel stations
Erection of compressed
air stations
Construct specific soccer fields, with the required stadiums
Supplying, furnishing and installation of dining and laundry equipments
Supplying and installation of electrical distributing poles and cables
Construct and furnish water treatment plants
Supply and install of all kinds of boundary fence
Construct furnished theaters, auditoriums and classrooms
Purchasing, installation and operating of cooling and heating unites
Europe Elite Group - Scope of Work - TALIL BASE CAMP PROJECT

     TALIL BASE CAMP PROJECT in Nasirya province was successfully completed to a 52 weeks program by IRAQI ELITE COMPANY FOR GENERAL CONTRACTS & ENGINEERING CONSULTATIONS in year 2005 with cost of USD 65 million to accommodate 3000 persons. The turnkey design and built project was a complete package including but not limited to Offices, accommodations, laundries, restaurants, stadium, shops, power generation stations, water supply network, waste water network, access roads, pathways, sport yards, landscaping including supply all the project required equipments.

  • Starting Date: Aug - 2004.
  • Completion Date: Aug - 2005 .
  • Site Area: 1.5 million m2.
  • No. of Buildings: 78 Steel Structure & 20 Bricks.
  • Four Soccer Field, One Parade Field and Rang - Finder.
  • 22Km. Roads, Walkways, Parking & Sunshades.
  • Services: Fuel Station, Search Area, 18 MW Power Station and Street Lightings.
  • Employees: Around 3000 Persons Was Working Daily's & 200 Engineers.
  • No Accident or Injuries Happened.

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